Treasures of the Seven Seas

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The age of battle royale games started in 2017, and PUBG MOBILE is the title that originated the genre on the video game market. Today, this multiplayer shooter has over 400 million downloads and 50 million active daily players. Unlike the PC version, you can start playing PUBG MOBILE right now for free. It’s available for Android 4.4, iOS 9.0, and all later versions.

Features and Functions

PUBG MOBILE is an online-only shooter in which 100 players collide on a single map, and all have the same purpose – become the last survivor. At the beginning of the deathmatch, you have to jump from a commando plane and parachute down to the safest spot. Other players do the same thing, so you have to be attentive and avoid close contact. As soon as you touch down, hurry up to explore the nearest building to find a box with weapons and armor. If someone next to you does that earlier, you can be sure that the game is over. Now that you have a gun try to find the best spot to ambush and detect other players. Then chase them, kill, loot up, and search the next victim. If your tactics, speed of reaction, accuracy, and luck are good enough, you will reach the end alive. Don’t think that you can easily sit in one place and wait until contestants get into your trap! The map shrinks several times during the match to push you closer to the center and make you fight on fumes.

There are 4 large maps of different size: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. Each of them presents unique settings, including jungles, tundra, city, and post-Soviet rural areas. Every location requires a specific approach to strategy.


PUBG MOBILE is the first battle royale shooter that combines TPS and FPS. You can switch between these modes in real time to change the perspective of aiming and achieve tactic advantages in particular situations.

Visuals in the game are excellent as for such a massive real-time multiplayer experience. Nevertheless, it runs smoothly even on iPhone 6s and Android devices with similar hardware. The variety of character customization items is astonishing. You can make changes in the look of your soldier almost every day.


If you’re a fan of realistic tactical shooters, try PUBG MOBILE, and you won’t be disappointed. Dynamic gameplay, customizable character, wonderful Unreal Engine 4 visuals, TPS, and FPS modes, realistic weapons, driving, and 4 large-scale maps are waiting for your on App Store and Play Market for free.

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